The Distant Reading course has been featured in several education news sites and blogs.  Find more here:

Computation + Literature in High School: Doctoral-Level Digital Humanities” by Brian Wood, Wolfram Blog, 11/20/18

Class Dismissed (Podcast), Episode 74: Students analyze sports, rap, and books with computers” by Nick Ortega, Class Dismissed, 11/5/18

Students Analyze Rap Lyrics with Code in Digital Humanities Class” by Tara Garcia Mathewson, Hechinger Report, 10/18/18

From Trump to Tolstoy: What’s Bringing Computer Science and Literature Together” by Tina Nazerian, EdSurge, 9/20/18

How to Read Books with Computers — And Teach Kids To Do It Too” by Peter Nilsson, Tech-Based Teaching, 9/6/18

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